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General terms

Who can apply for a Skye Mastercard?

Anyone can apply for a Skye Mastercard® as long as they are;

  • 18+ years old
  • Earn $25,000+ p.a.
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Clear credit file

What is an Interest Free Term?

It is a period of time in which you do not have to pay any interest on your Skye purchase. Interest is payable on any balance outstanding after the Interest Free Term at the Expired Promotional Rate applicable to your Skye account.

What is a deferred payment?

Where a deferred payment period applies, you are not required to make repayments until the end of the deferred payment period. Repayments are only included in the calculation of the Minimum Monthly Payment after the deferred payment period expires.

Financial Hardship

Can I continue to make purchases while I’m in hardship?

No, once your account is placed under hardship you will not be able to continue to make purchases. This is for your financial security, preventing your account from falling further into hardship.

Will hardship default my credit line?

No, when we place your account under hardship, we will not default or make any comments on your credit file.

How do I apply for hardship?

To apply for hardship, send us an enquiry using our website help form and one of our team will be in contact. If you’d like to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives, you can do so on our web chat, or by calling 1300 115 533.

What if I am still in the same position in four months’ time?

If in four months’ time you find that your situation hasn’t changed or hasn’t improved to a point where you’re able to continue repayments, your account will be reassessed for the best option moving forward.

Can I reduce payments?

Yes, reduction of repayments is one available option to assist during financial hardship.

Using your Skye Mastercard

How long will it take for my Skye Mastercard to arrive?

It will take approximately 5 – 7 business days for your Skye Mastercard to arrive.

How do I activate my Skye Mastercard?

Log in to Skye Self Service and activate your Skye Mastercard online. Alternatively, simply call 1300 115 533.

Can I make additional purchases on my Skye account?

Yes. The next time you wish to shop and take advantage of an Interest Free offer at participating Skye retailers, simply have your Customer ID handy, and present this to the sales consultant. Your Customer ID can be found on the back of you Skye Mastercard.

The store will process an additional purchase for you. For all other purchases at non-Skye retailers, simply use your Skye Mastercard to make your purchase to take advantage of 90 days Interest Free and no repayments on every Skye purchase.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes. You can change your PIN through Skye Self Service or by calling 1300 115 533

What’s the maximum credit limit?

You can apply for a credit limit up to $50,000. Your eligibility for credit is subject to our lending criteria and a credit assessment.

How do I increase my credit limit?

Call 1300 115 533 and our Customer Service team will assist you with a credit limit increase application, subject to our eligibility criteria.

Can I make cash withdrawals on my Skye Mastercard?

Yes. You can use your Skye Mastercard to withdraw cash from your Skye account at any ATM. Cash withdrawals do not qualify for the 110 days Interest Free and no repayments or for any other Interest Free promotional period. Cash withdrawals attract interest at the Cash Advance Rate from the date of the transaction plus any cash advance fees.

What are the daily cash withdrawal limits?

The daily cash withdrawal limit is $1000 cash per day.

Do cash withdrawals affect my Interest Free transactions?

No. Cash withdrawals will not affect any Interest Free Term or promotional purchase you may have made on your Skye account.

Can I access my Skye account online?

Yes – through Skye Self Service. If you haven’t already registered for Skye Self Service, and you’d like to, visit and click ‘Login’ to register.

What do I do if my Skye Mastercard is lost or stolen?

Please call us on 1300 115 533 (or +61 2 8905 2904 from overseas) immediately or report it as lost or stolen through Skye Self Service.

Your Skye Mastercard has no foreign transaction fees for purchases made in a foreign currency - both online and overseas.

What do I do if I’ve spotted a transaction I don’t recognise?

If there’s a transaction that you don’t recognise it could be because:

  • The business could be trading in a different name
  • The purchase was made by a family member or another cardholder authorised to use the account
  • The transaction could have been made in a foreign currency and converted into Australian dollars.

If you want to dispute a transaction, we recommend that you complete the ‘Notice of disputed transaction’ form. Once you’ve completed the form, please send it to as soon as possible. You will also be able to call us on 1300 115 533.

Where multiple transactions are being disputed please attach a statement for each disputed transaction with the transactions highlighted.



How can I make repayments?

There are three ways that you can make repayments to your Skye Mastercard:

  1. Setting up monthly Direct Debit payments from your nominated bank account
  2. Via BPAY
  3. A one-time payment through Skye Self Service.

When are the repayments due?

The minimum payment for each statement period that you must pay is the greater of:

  • 3.00% of the Eligible Unpaid Balance at the date of the statement; or
  • $30.00. However, if the Eligible Unpaid Balance is less than $30.00, you must pay that amount in full.

You must also pay:

  • overdue repayments plus the amount (if any) by which the Unpaid Balance exceeds your credit limit; and scheduled Instalment Repayments (if any) you have agreed with us at the times agreed with us.

How do I know when a payment is due?

An email notice that your statement is available in Skye Self Service will be sent to you two weeks before your minimum monthly payment is due.

You can elect to receive paper statements but please note that there is a $2.50 paper statement fee that is charged for each paper statement we provide you.

What do I do if I can’t make a repayment?

If you are having any concerns or difficulties in making your minimum monthly repayments or immediately paying any overdue amounts, please contact us immediately on 1300 115 533.

How do I close my Skye account?

After your Skye account is paid in full, you can request to close your Skye account by contacting us on 1300 115 533.

Is there an early payout fee?

Customers who pay out their account before the Interest Free period do not incur an early payment fee. It's completely up to you if you want to pay the loan out sooner or later.

What are the BPAY payment details?

BPAY payments can be made through your financial institution to repay your Skye account.

To make a payment via BPAY you will need the following information;

  • Skye Mastercard BPAY Biller Code: 287714
  • Reference Number: You can find your unique Reference Number in the ‘Payments’ section in your Skye Self Service account or on the second page of your statement.

How can I set up a reoccurring Direct Debit?

To set up a reoccurring Direct Debit you will need to complete the Direct Debit Request form. You will be able to set up either:

  • A minimum monthly payment; or
  • A fixed monthly payment

Please note that Direct Debits can only be set up on a monthly basis. Payments will only be taken on the due date of the account.

If I make a one-time payment will my reoccurring Direct Debit still occur?

Yes. If you make a one-time payment your reoccurring Direct Debit payment will still be taken. Once you have set up a reoccurring Direct Debit, this will automatically be taken on a monthly basis.


What are SkyePlans?

SkyePlans allow you to convert purchases of $250 or more to your choice of 3 Interest Free Instalment Plans. You will be able to pay of big ticket purchases in monthly instalments at 0% p.a. interest for a small establishment fee.

How do I set up a SkyePlan?

By logging into your Skye Self Service account you will be able to convert Skye Mastercard® purchases of $250 or more to a SkyePlan.

As you scroll through your recent transactions, any transaction of $250 or more will have the option to ‘Convert to SkyePlan’. Please note, that you can only convert up to 80% of your credit limit to a Skye Plan.

How much does it cost to establish a SkyePlan?

The table below summarises the establishment fees:

Term Establishment fee
9 month 3% of the purchase price
12 month 4% of the purchase price
15 month 5% of the purchase price

Can I establish a SkyePlan at any time?

A SkyePlan can be created within 30 days of making your eligible purchase

If I have a Direct Debit set up, how often will the instalment amounts be debited from my account?

The instalment amounts will be debited from your nominated account on a monthly basis. If you do not have a direct debit set up, the instalment amounts will form part of your minimum monthly payment, payable on the date set out in your monthly statement.

Can I cancel a SkyePlan?

A SkyePlan can be cancelled at any time by calling us on 1300 115 533. Cancellation can take up to 5 business days.

If your SkyePlan is cancelled, any remaining balance under a cancelled SkyePlan will be converted back to a standard Transaction and the annual percentage rate applicable to that cancelled amount will be the Card Purchase Rate.

What happens if I fail to make a SkyePlan repayment?

Under a SkyePlan, if you fail to pay all or part of a monthly Instalment Repayment, that amount:

  1. will be overdue
  2. will not form part of the SkyePlan or SkyePlan Remaining Balance
  3. will form part of the Unpaid Balance and
  4. interest (at the Card Purchase Rate) will be calculated and debited to your Skye Account on that overdue amount from the time it becomes overdue in accordance with the Conditions of Use.